1: 1. Harvey's Farewell: Emotion ran high as we bid adieu to Harvey Specter, leaving us with tears but no streaming option on Netflix.

2: 2. Jessica's Power Struggle: Witnessing Jessica Pearson's fierce battles left us teary-eyed, yearning for her spinoff, unavailable on Netflix.

3: 3. Mike's Sacrifice: Mike Ross's sacrifice for the firm moved us deeply, only to realize his spinoff is unavailable for streaming on Netflix.

4: 4. Donna's Transformation: Donna Paulsen's growth brought tears of joy, but sadly we can't watch her spinoff on Netflix yet.

5: 5. Louis's Redemption: Louis Litt's journey of redemption made us shed tears, longing for his remarkable spinoff, not found on Netflix.

6: 6. Rachel's Goodbye: Rachel Zane's heartfelt departure had us weeping, yet her spinoff is yet to be found on Netflix.

7: 7. Specter Litt's Legacy: The emotional ending of Specter Litt left us in tears, wishing its spinoff was available for streaming on Netflix.

8: 8. The Bromance of Harvey and Mike: Harvey and Mike's emotional bond made us cry, but their spinoff remains missing from Netflix.

9: 9. The Unforgettable Suits Finale: The series finale left us emotional, but unfortunately, the spinoff moments we long for aren't on Netflix.