1: 1. Harvey Specter: Charming lawyer with razor-sharp wit conquers the courtroom. Demand justice with Harvey's relentless pursuit of truth. Netflix needs this spinoff!

2: 2. Donna Paulsen: Sassy, intelligent, and fiercely loyal legal secretary. Witness Donna's expertise unfold beyond the desk. Netflix, bring her story to life!

3: 3. Louis Litt: Eccentric attorney balancing genius and vulnerability. Explore Louis' journey to greatness, from underdog to shining star. Netflix, make it happen!

4: 4. Jessica Pearson: Fearless lawyer champions the underrepresented. Join Jessica as she navigates power and principles in a captivating new series. Netflix, we need you!

5: 5. Rachel Zane: Aspiring lawyer breaking barriers and shattering norms. Discover Rachel's growth and triumphs as she fights injustice. Netflix, it's time for her own show!

6: 6. Mike Ross: Brilliant fraud turned legal prodigy makes a name for himself. Witness Mike's transformation into a true legal titan. Netflix, don't miss this opportunity!

7: 7. Robert Zane: Respected attorney balancing morality and ambition. Dive into Robert's compelling story filled with complex dilemmas. Netflix, give us this spinoff!

8: 8. Samantha Wheeler: Tenacious lawyer embracing her past while building a better future. Experience Samantha's unique perspective in a gripping standalone series. Netflix, hear our plea!

9: 9. Alex Williams: Seasoned lawyer fighting for what's right against all odds. Unveil Alex's unyielding determination and strategic brilliance. Netflix, make this spinoff a reality!