1: Important Notice! Quaker is recalling granola bars and cereals due to potential salmonella risk. Your safety is our top priority. Please discard any affected products immediately.

2: Product Recall Alert! Quaker has identified a possible salmonella contamination in our granola bars and cereals. To protect yourself and your loved ones, dispose of these items promptly.

3: Safety Advisory We regret to inform you that Quaker has issued a recall for certain granola bars and cereals due to the potential presence of salmonella. Take necessary precautions and discard affected products without delay.

4: Attention Granola Bar and Cereal Consumers: Your health is paramount. Quaker is voluntarily recalling specific products due to salmonella concerns. Safeguard your well-being by disposing of any affected granola bars or cereals right away.

5: URGENT: Granola Bar and Cereal Recall It has come to our attention that certain Quaker granola bars and cereals may contain salmonella. Your safety matters, so please discard these items immediately and avoid potential health risks.

6: Product Safety Recall: Granola Bars and Cereals Quaker is committed to your well-being. We urge you to check if you possess any recalled granola bars or cereals, as they may have been exposed to salmonella. Take no chances, dispose of them at once.

7: Salmonella Alert: Recall of Quaker Products Attention all granola bar and cereal consumers! Quaker has initiated a product recall due to a potential salmonella contamination. For your safety, please discard any affected items immediately.

8: Health Advisory: Recall of Quaker Granola Bars and Cereals We regret to inform you that Quaker is recalling certain granola bars and cereals due to possible salmonella exposure. Prioritize your well-being by promptly discarding these products.

9: Consumer Alert: Quaker Granola Bar and Cereal Recall Your health matters to us. Quaker is taking precautionary measures by recalling granola bars and cereals linked to possible salmonella exposure. Please discard these items immediately for your safety.