1: 1. "Welcome to Pearson!" Embark on a thrilling journey through lesser-known attractions, perfect for avid Suits fans.

2: 2. "Pearson Historical Museum" Uncover intriguing artifacts showcasing the show's rich history and behind-the-scenes tales.

3: 3. "Specter Litt's Coffee Shop" Get a taste of Harvey and Mike's favorite coffee spot, fueling their legal genius.

4: 4. "Pearson Courthouse Experience" Immerse yourself in the iconic courthouse where legal battles unfolded on the show.

5: 5. "Donna's Memoir Bookstore" Explore the charming bookstore featured in Suits, reflecting Donna's intellectual flair.

6: 6. "Louis Litt's Comedy Club" Discover the hidden gem where Louis embraced his comedic talents outside the courtroom.

7: 7. "Rachel Zane's Art Studio" Step into Rachel's world of artistic passion, a sanctuary that inspired her beyond the firm.

8: 8. "Jessica Pearson's Jazz Lounge" Unwind in the sophisticated jazz lounge evoking the spirit of Pearson's authority and elegance.

9: 9. "Mike Ross’ Basketball Court" Experience the thrill of the court where Mike channeled his competitive spirit and sharp mind.