1: 1. Start your day with a satisfying low FODMAP breakfast. These easy hacks will keep your tummy happy and your schedule on track.

2: 2. Whip up a quick omelet filled with spinach, bell peppers, and lactose-free cheese for a nutritious morning boost.

3: 3. Grab a spoonful of peanut butter and spread it on a slice of gluten-free toast, topped with fresh banana slices.

4: 4. Indulge in a creamy yogurt bowl, adding low FODMAP fruits like blueberries and strawberries for added sweetness.

5: 5. Overnight chia pudding prepared with almond milk and topped with low FODMAP nuts and seeds will keep you energized throughout the day.

6: 6. Blend a refreshing smoothie using lactose-free milk, spinach, a handful of low FODMAP berries, and a scoop of protein powder.

7: 7. Mix gluten-free oats with a splash of lactose-free milk, top with a spoonful of almond butter, and sprinkle with cinnamon for a hearty breakfast bowl.

8: 8. Bake a batch of gluten-free muffins using low FODMAP ingredients like oats, lactose-free milk, and blueberries for an on-the-go breakfast option.

9: 9. Enjoy a stack of gluten-free pancakes made with rice flour and serve them with a dollop of lactose-free yogurt and a drizzle of low FODMAP maple syrup for a delightful morning treat.