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2: 2. "Experience Jenna Ortega's talent in 'You', where she flawlessly portrays a witty yet troubled character."

3: 3. "In 'The Babysitter: Killer Queen', Ortega captivates viewers with her brilliant performance as the fearless Phoebe."

4: 4. "Prepare to be moved by Jenna Ortega's compelling portrayal of a young girl facing a horrific reality in 'The Fallout'."

5: 5. "Witness Ortega's incredible range in 'Stuck in the Middle' as she effortlessly tackles comedy and family dynamics."

6: 6. "Jenna Ortega impresses in 'Saving Flora', where she brings to life the heartfelt story of a girl and her elephant friend."

7: 7. "Catch Ortega's incredible breakout role in 'Iron Man 3' as she showcases her talent alongside Hollywood heavyweights."

8: 8. "Discover Jenna Ortega's captivating performance in 'Yes Day', a heartwarming family film full of laughs and love."

9: 9. "Don't miss Jenna Ortega shine in 'The Fallout' - a powerful coming-of-age story that beautifully showcases her versatility."