1: 1. Fallon Carrington – The charismatic and cunning daughter of the Carrington family, Fallon steals the show with her fierce determination.

2: 2. Steven Carrington – A kind-hearted and openly gay character, Steven brings a refreshing sense of empathy and understanding to the series.

3: 3. Sam Jones – This lovable and stylish character brings a unique perspective to the show, showcasing the challenges faced by the LGBTQ+ community.

4: 4. Cristal Jennings – As the second wife of Blake Carrington, Cristal adds intrigue and glamour, making her mark with her ambition and secrets.

5: 5. Alexis Carrington – The infamous ex-wife of Blake, Alexis brings a whirlwind of drama and manipulation to the table, always keeping audiences guessing.

6: 6. Joseph Anders – The loyal and trusted butler, Anders' unwavering commitment makes him an integral part of the Carrington family dynamics.

7: 7. Dominique Deveraux – A fierce rival to the Carringtons, Dominique's musical talent and ambitious nature create endless tension and powerful plotlines.

8: 8. Adam Carrington – The estranged son and master manipulator, Adam's dark secrets and hidden motives add thrilling twists to the storyline.

9: 9. Kirby Anders – As the daughter of Joseph Anders, Kirby's rebellious spirit and complicated relationship with the Carringtons bring additional layers of intrigue.